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H35 Top Load Liner


Stow and remove gear from the top of your side opening H35 case with the DrySpec Top Load Liner. The innovative design of this kit transforms a side loading H35 case into top loading luggage. This padded, semi-rigid liner with its high density polyethylene core and a durable nylon shell, mounts to the inside and lid of your H35 case providing a pocket that swings out when opened. To further improve your packing and unpacking experience, a flexible mounting system provides ample room to load while a lid stay keeps your case partially opened when engage or to fully open when released. Enjoy the strength of a side load case and the convenience of a top loader with the Top Load Liner by DrySpec.


  • Allows top loading and unloading of side opening H35 cases
  • Prevents unwanted spilling of open case contents
  • Flexible mounting system allows liner to pivot with lid
  • Lid stay keeps lid partially open when engaged or fully open when released
  • Padded liner with semi-rigid HDPE core and durable nylon shell
  • Easily removes without tools
  • Liner fits snugly to inner dimensions of H35 case


  • Top Load Liner for one case
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

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  • SKU: DSL.H35.10300
  • UPC: 850003076195