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A Life Outdoors

We live outdoors. We ride motorcycles, kayak, surf, ski, snowboard, (with snowmobiles if we're lucky) and would rather camp out than sleep in. In 2010 we founded DRYSPEC after years of trying to find a 100% waterproof packing system that could be securely mounted to our motorcycles. We also wanted to use these same products when we camped out, hiked into the backcountry or spent a day on the water.

From day one, we agreed that all DRYSPEC products must be 100% waterproof, ultra durable, and should be designed with all of our outdoor advenures in mind. 

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Our Unique Features

In our quest to make waterproof gear that is highly versatile and easy to use we re-invented the common dry bag. Our modular design, rigid core construction, and integrated mounting straps are just three of many unique features you'll only find in DRYSPEC dry bags.