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H35 A-Lock Adapter Kit - SW-MOTECH & GIVI Side Racks


Mount a pair of rugged DrySpec H35 Waterproof Side Cases to your SW-MOTECH EVO or PRO side carrier as well as as well as most GIVI PL series Monokey side racks with the DrySpec A-Lock H35 Side Case Adapter Kit. With their low profile design these adapters look great with or without your side cases installed and do not have the protruding pucks and tabs that can damage soft luggage if you ride without your cases and strap on some saddlebags. Simple to install, these powder coated steel adapters bolt to your existing side racks to provide solid mounts that allow for easy removal and secure locking of your DrySpec H35 Side Cases.
The DrySpec A-Lock mounting system uses a luggage mounted puck and lock system coupled with a rugged A-frame rack mounted plate to provide simple, solid and secure mounting and locking of your luggage. Sharing the same hole pattern as Monokey mounting systems, this adapter is compatible with SW-MOTECH EVO side carrier as well as most GIVI PL series Monokey side racks. The wedge shaped design holds your case in place no matter how rough the terrain can be yet provides a nearly effortless and smooth track for mounting and removing your luggage.


  • Powder coated steel A-Frames
  • Adjustable stainless steel rack latches
  • Versatile top or side case mounting options
  • Wedge shaped to ensure solid connection
  • Provide seamless mounting and removal of luggage
  • Soft luggage friendly
  • 2 A-Frame mounting plates
  • Spacers for models with asymmetrical racks
  • Stainless steel rack latches
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions
Compatible with:
  • SW-MOTECH EVO Side Carriers
  • SW-MOTECH PRO Side Carriers
  • GIVI PL Side Luggage Racks that have removable Monokey mounting hardware
  • GIVI PLR Side Luggage Racks that have removable Monokey mounting hardware

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  • SKU: DSL.H35.505